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By becoming involved with Metro Volunteer Lawyers, you can assist
those in need while helping shape your profession’s future.

In many cases, lawyers can identify and resolve legal issues without going to court or can resolve court cases more efficiently and fairly than persons representing themselves. The provision of legal services helps stabilize families, saves taxpayers money, reduces the number of cases clogging the courts, and helps people move toward self-sufficiency and full participation in society.

MVL is in need of volunteer attorneys to take pro bono and low-fee cases (download the Referral sign-up form HERE). We are also in need of volunteer attorneys, law students, and paralegals for our Family Law Court Program (download the FLCP schedule and sign-up form HERE). MVL even offers attorneys the ability to take on a case with the assistance of a Mentor or Mentee (download the Mentoring sign-up form HERE). See individual forms on how to easily submit them. Please encourage others to join you in volunteering with MVL!

Contact Information for Attorneys and Volunteers:
1905 Sherman St, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80203
Tel: 303-830-8210
Fax: 303-837-0019

Reasons to Volunteer with MVL:

  • Helping MVL clients is a rewarding way to serve the needs of the less fortunate in your community, helping work towards our constitutional mandate of providing equal justice under the law.
  • Advancing the reputation of the legal profession.
  • Obtaining practical legal experience.
  • Fulfilling your professional responsibility to provide legal services to those unable to pay. A lawyer should aspire to render at least fifty hours of pro bono public legal services per year. Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 6.1.
  • You can receive CLE credits for pro bono work. Under C.R.C.P. 260.8, Colorado attorneys providing uncompensated pro bono legal representation may apply for 1 general CLE credit for every 5 billable-equivalent hours of representation, up to a maximum of 9 credits in each 3 year compliance period. Download the application form HERE.
  • MVL provides attorneys with malpractice insurance for the cases they take through our organization.

Taking a Case:

Once you sign-up to take on a case pro bono or low-fee, we will try to provide you with a case that fits your criteria (case type, county preference, etc.). Once we identify an appropriate case for you, we will send you the client’s intake documentation. The client will also receive a letter with your contact information, with a recommendation that he or she contact you. We inform the client that it is not guaranteed that you will take the case, as a conflict of interest, for example, could occur. The decision whether you can and will take the case remains with you.

If you cannot represent a prospective client, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can try to find another attorney for the client, as well as hopefully provide you with a new case. If you are able to take the case, we recommend having the client sign a Letter of Engagement (click HERE for a sample), describing, in part, the scope of representation and the expectations of the parties.

After your representation comes to an end, it is important that you return a completed Case Summary Form to MVL at your earliest convenience. See our Referrals page for more.

Volunteering with FLCP:

Volunteering with MVL’s Family Law Court Program is a tremendous way to assist clients for one morning and/or afternoon, without agreeing to take on a case full-on. You can even sign-up just to observe until you are comfortable enough to provide legal assistance. You have the option to sign-up for a Client Meeting date or a Permanent Orders hearing date, which take place in Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas, Denver, and Jefferson counties. Even signing up for just one day a month provides so much support to MVL and its clients.

At Client Meetings, a group of typically 10-20 clients come in to fill-out the forms necessary to initiate their family law case. Volunteer attorneys are critical to help the clients through this process, answering questions and offering advice when needed. At Permanent Orders, volunteer attorneys are assigned a client that morning. The attorney meets with the client to help complete the final forms that will be submitted to the judge, and then actually appears with the client before the judge. The attorney is even provided with a sample script for the hearing to help make the process as easy and low stress as possible. All the applicable forms will be provided to the attorney by the FLCP Coordinator. At both Client Meetings and Permanent Orders, the FLCP Coordinator and other attorneys are present to provide you with any needed guidance or assistance. Even if you have limited or no knowledge of family law, we still encourage you to participate in FLCP. You will be surprised by how much help you can provide! Law students and paralegals are also welcome to volunteer for this program.

See our Family Law Court Program page for more details.

Retired Attorneys and Attorneys Licensed Out-of-State:

You can still volunteer! Retired attorneys and attorneys with out-of state licenses can apply for a provisional license to work on pro bono cases in Colorado. Read the applicable rule HERE, and find the application form HERE.

Need forms or additional information? Visit our Forms and Resources for Volunteers page.

“There can be no equal justice where the kind of trial a man gets depends on the amount of money he has.” Justice Hugo Black